Well you probably figured it out… I’m a photographer/videographer. 

But, here are some other things that might be a little more interesting than: “I love capturing moments”, blah-blah-blah:

  • I love coffee, but I will not drink it from a clear cup or mug.
  • I have a Winnie-the-Pooh tattoo.
  • Reggae & Jazz are my favorite music genres, but I love all music.
  • I own a lot of shoes, the last time I counted: 100+ pairs
  • As a child I had a microscope, which is why I love macrophotography.
  • Up until the 6th Grade, I didn’t wear glasses.
  • Gummi Bears are my favorite candy.
  • I’m not a fan of chicken wings. I like breasts and thighs, but only boneless/skinless.
  • For more of what goes on in my head: check out DC’s Observations: Random Thoughts and Philosophical Musings
David E. Cox