Peak Design Camera Strap – Why You Should Replace Yours
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Peak Design Camera Strap – Why You Should Replace Yours

I discovered the Peak Design camera strap by accident. I’ve owned other camera brands, but for DSLR cameras, Canon has been my choice. While I love Canon cameras, I’m not such a big fan of their camera strap. They turn you into a walking advertisement for Canon, letting people that you have a Canon camera and the exact model. That has never been a problem for me. Do you know that people will still ask what kind of camera you have? But, that’s not the reason why I have no love for their straps.

My first issue with them is the difficulty in attaching the strap to the camera. That difficulty could lead to error and possible camera damage. Fortunately, I’ve braved through the difficulty to properly install the straps. Since it’s so much trouble to attach the strap, taking it off is not something that you do regularly. It’s usually attached when you first open the camera, and it stays attached. But what about those instances when you don’t need or want a strap?

If I’m shooting exclusively from a tripod, even leaving the camera attached as I move around or walk, I don’t need a strap. For those times, I’m so glad that I found Peak Design Camera Strap. They have quick release system for attaching/detaching the strap. Attaching is as simple as clicking the anchors onto the end strap. To detach, you just push down on the anchor and slide it out.

The anchors stay on the camera. Although you don’t need to take them off (unless to replace them). They even have an indicator to alert you when it’s time to replace them. Another thing that I love about the Peak Design straps is that strap adjustment is easy. If you need the strap shorter to keep the camera close when walking around, just lift the latch on the buckle and adjust it. When you need the strap longer to shoot, just do the same. Lastly, if you’re not sure if you’ll need the strap or not, just fold it up and put in your jacket pocket or backpack.

I have the Peak Design Leash for my smaller Canon M50. It can support the weight of a full size DSLR, but it’s thinner and works perfectly for the smaller bodied cameras. For my 5D Mark IV, I use the thicker Peak Design Slide.

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