Beaches or Mountains: Vacation Choices

Beaches or Mountains: Vacation Choices

Beaches or mountains? There seems to be debate over which is better. I prefer mountains. However, my latest vacations don’t seem to represent my preference.

In the past year, I’ve visited quite a few beaches – far more than visits to the mountains. Since April 2018, I’ve been to:

  • Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Outer Banks, North Carolina
  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • Palm, West Palm Beach, and Jupiter, Florida
  • Assateague Beach, Maryland
  • Various Beaches and Coves in Maui, Hawaii
  • St Kilda Beach, Victoria Australia


Based on that list, I’m finding it hard to convince myself that I prefer mountains. I’m not sure if the beach vacations are on purpose. But, somehow we always end up in beach town. On our trip to Virginia Beach, we didn’t even go to the beach. So, maybe it’s not so much about the beach itself…


I did visit some mountains over the last year, but as I mentioned the list is a lot shorter: Colorado, and the Grampians in Victoria, Australia.  One thing I enjoy is the quiet in the mountains. During our hike in the Werribee Gorge, my son and I stopped to sit on some rocks near the river, listening to the water rush over the rocks. So serene… Far different from most public beaches, that tend to be too crowded, busy, and noisy.  Then there are waterfalls… I love waterfalls, and I’ve never seen one at a beach. As you can see, it’s mountains for me.


But! Since I’ve been to so many beaches lately, I have gained a much greater appreciation for them. Beach sunsets are incredible sights, it’s no wonder that people usually pause from the rigors of the day to enjoy them. While In Maui, we made it a point to head to the beach as many nights as we could. As for the crowds… my son and I managed to have two beaches to ourselves, on two separate hikes in the Mornington Peninsula in Australia. On those occasions, we were able to enjoy the serenity that beaches have to offer. It was beautiful, with the only sounds being the waves crashing against the shore.

So… beaches or mountains? For me, I think some of the best places to visit are those where you can enjoy both. Below are my favorite things about both.   


  • Sunshine: It’s usually not cold (although I was at Assateague in November)
  • Sunrises: Absolutely beautiful
  • Sunsets: Colorful, Stunning


  • Sunrises: Mountains provide the perfect backdrop
  • Sunsets: The suns seems to drop down behind the mountains
  • Waterfalls: One of nature’s best creations.
  • Wildlife: Exciting, Intriguing, Sometimes scary
  • Peaceful: A great escape from the noisy world

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