Cargo Shorts – Hiking Gear Gone Wrong

Cargo Shorts – Hiking Gear Gone Wrong

Cargo shorts are my favorite for photography and hiking. They have plenty of pockets, which allows me to carry smaller items like cell phone, lens wipes, filters, etc.. When I’m hiking, I like having these things available without having to go into my backpack. While we’re on the subject of hiking, I don’t like hiking! However, I do hike. Let me explain.

My son loves hiking, and it’s an activity that we can and do together whenever our schedules allow. When planning the hikes, he looks for trails with the most difficulty, for him it’s all about the sense of accomplishment.. man vs nature. I look for things to photograph (I especially love waterfalls), and if I have to hike to get there, then I hike. I do enjoy certain aspects of the challenge, and I love being outside in nature. Ever since I was a child, I’ve always loved streams. But, if I can drive close to a waterfall, get out of the car and walk a little – I’m perfectly fine with that – if it will make a great photograph. I’m also fine with climbing or crawling to get a better angle.

So I’m constantly having to remind my son (and sometimes my wife) that we hike for entirely different reasons. But, both reasons have taken us to see the beauty that nature provides. I’ve provided him with some amusing stories to share. (he also has video)

My Favorite Cargo Shorts

We were hiking the Devil’s Marble Yard in Virginia. I had on a pair of my favorite cargo shorts. I had them for a while, and I guess they had become a little dry rot. The “marble yard” is a trail that ends at a huge pile of stones… some as big as cars.

cargo shorts devils marble yard

As I was climbing the rocks, I heard a ripping noise. “Oh Oh”, I thought. My shorts started to tear. Well I couldn’t stop climbing because of a little hole in my shorts. But, as I continued to climb, it became more than just a little hole.

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