Highland Arch Bridge at Night – Behind The Shot

Highland Arch Bridge at Night – Behind The Shot

This is Highland Arch Bridge, a pedestrian bridge in Denver, Colorado. During a recent family trip, I saw this bridge. It was during the day, and we didn’t have time to stop. I wanted to shoot the bridge, but I thought it would be better to shoot at night.

My Photo Opportunity

The next night I got my chance. My son wanted ice cream, and his research led him to Little Man Ice Cream. It was a cool looking place, shaped like a giant milk jug. As we made the turn to Little Man, I looked to my right and there was The Highland Arch Bridge. My photo opportunity was right in front of me.

No Ice Cream

It was too cold outside to eat ice cream. Instead, with my camera on the tripod, I walked with my wife and son towards the giant milk jug. They waited in line, which was surprisingly long at night in the cold. I let them in on my plan and hurried down the street, with the legs already extended on my tripod and my Canon M50 already attached.

At The Bridge

After a cold, hurried 2-block walk, I reached the arch. Now I have to admit, the final shot was not my original idea for the shot. Upon my arrival, I setup the tripod to shoot the arch from the side. After taking a couple shots, they were good. But, it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. So, I surveyed the scene to see if I could get something different. A few feet over was the end of the foot bridge, looking up at the arch. That was my shot. I setup the tripod, recomposed, and set my exposure.

Running Out Of Time

The clock was ticking, and I knew that my wife and son were probably done in the ice cream line.  I fired off a couple 20-second shots – before rejoining my family in the warm truck.

Canon M50, EF-M 15-45mm at 15mm, f11 for 20 sec., ISO 200

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