House Sparrow Photo Subject – Behind The Shot

House Sparrow Photo Subject – Behind The Shot

The House Sparrow is a bird that is easy to find near my house. They are feisty and (in my opinion) mean little birds. Sometimes the best photography subjects don’t even require you to leave your house. I will sometimes just look around for things to shoot, from household items to going out in the yard. There is usually plenty to shoot in my yard: rabbits, frogs, and birds.


The molding above my garage became detached from the house. It was winter, and fixing it wasn’t a high priority. I figured it could wait until the weather improved. During the time it was loose, this house sparrow had built a nest behind it. The sparrow and companion were evicted when my father replaced the molding. In case you’re wondering, there weren’t any eggs or baby birds in the nest.

Photo Opportunity

During the construction, they kept pretty close. The whole time they would fly to the spot where their nest used to be (look around confused), then fly to a nearby tree (where the image was made). Because they did this for quite a while,  I realized that I definitely would have several opportunities to get pictures of them. I ran into the house to get my camera.

Foggy Lens

It was a humid day, and my Canon 70-200mm lens immediately steamed up when I stepped outside (I hate when that happens). It fogs up on the inside and outside of the lens, and you have to wait at least 15 minutes to take a shot. It’s a good thing they weren’t going anywhere. I waited patiently (not really), and I was able to fire off some shots. I was pleased with the outcome.

Disclaimer: No birds were harmed during the photo shoot/home repair. They stuck around and they have happily relocated to one of my bushes.

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