Lessons Learned: Photography Best Practices

Lessons Learned: Photography Best Practices

As a photographer, I’m mostly self-taught: taking lots of pictures, reading books, online courses, and lessons learned by making mistakes. Part of my learning I’ve also had opportunity to learn from two close friends, Roger and Abu, that are also photographers. I get out to shoot with them as much as our schedules allow. It’s always a lot of fun hearing them challenge each other over who is the better photographer.

Paying it forward

Over the years, they have helped guide me, with tips, suggestions, constructive criticism, and even some pop quizzes. I really appreciate the lessons learned, and I’m now paying it forward. I’ve started passing on some of the knowledge that I’ve gained to people just starting out. On a few occasions, I have even switched roles with my former teachers and taught them something new that I’ve learned. Student becomes teacher… Each One, Teach One

I use a lot of the early tips that they gave me, giving them credit for each lesson. I chose not to paraphrase or sanitize the tips. I’m writing them just as they were given to me.

  1. Auto ISO is Lame
  2. You need a good tripod
  3. The best zoom is your feet
  4. You’re always going to want more zoom
  5. Most pictures are taken from the perspective of a 6 foot person. In order for yours to stand out, you should kneel, lay down, or elevate your perspective.
  6. Lenses make a difference
  7. No cheap glass and No Shitty Filters

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