Should I Buy A Mirrorless Camera?

Should I Buy A Mirrorless Camera?

I had been seeing so much about the mirrorless camera, and after reading about them and watching videos – I was curious. Could they live up to the hype?

I want one

To find out, I was going to have to buy one. Sony had been in the mirrorless game longer than anyone, but I’m a Canon guy. So, mine had to be a Canon. The research began. Canon had some early APS-C mirrorless models, the M6, M5. Around that time, they had just released a new full frame mirrorless, the EOS R, and a new crop-sensor model, the EOS M50.

Crop Sensor or Full Frame

Well, I didn’t want to spend $2500 to buy the EOS R for an experiment. I could use that money to buy a new lens for my DSLR, Canon of course… So the new EOS M50, became the frontrunner. I started comparing it to the M5. Early reviews leaned towards the M50. I read one comparison that said the EOS M5 was for more serious photographers, wanting more control – where the M50 was labeled “entry level” and “great for vlogging”. Considering myself a serious photographer wanting more control… the M5 moved to the front of the race. The controls even looked more like a DSLR.

Canon M50

Decision Made

But! The technical specs of the EOS M50 Mirrorless exceeded those of the M5, with a new sensor, improved autofocus system, and a few other improvements. Clearly it was a better camera, and the price was lower. Better camera… lower price…. No brainer right? Wrong! I decided to consult with my friend, Abu. He also wanted to try the mirrorless camera. I told him my research findings, and he was turned off by the labels of the Canon EOS M50.  I was able to bring both of us to our senses about paying less for a better camera. In September, 2018 I bought the EOS M50, and he bought his shortly after that. He wanted a smaller camera to take with him on his trip to Thailand.

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