Pride Day at Old Mill High School: April 2017

Pride Day at Old Mill High School: April 2017

Pride Day at Old Mill High School was the first LGBTQ celebration in the history of the school. Held in April 2017, the picnic was the brainchild of then high school senior, Izzy Amor. It was his gift to the LGBTQ community, something he wanted to do before graduating. He’s a very special person, and once you meet him you are drawn to his infectious energy. I’ve said it many times, but he is one of my favorite people on the planet.

Love is Love

Thinking back on the event, it was a very special day for all that attended, including me. So, I was truly honored to be invited to shoot the event. As result, I made one of my favorite pictures to date – Izzy running with the pride flag wearing a tie-dye shirt reading Love is Love.

Izzy Amor Pride Day Old Mill High School
Izzy Amor


What I witnessed that day was an outpouring of love, not just in the decorations – but amongst all that were there.  In addition to members of the LGBTQ community, members of Izzy’s family were also in attendance. Had I not been there to photograph the event, I would have been there anyway to support Izzy.

pride day old mill high school group

Circle of Love

One of the highlights was when the group all gathered to create a circle of love. Everyone held hands and unified the love that everyone shared for each other and the world. I’m not sure if it was planned, but it was a beautiful moment. One that in my opinion, represented the whole purpose of the day. It’s no wonder that I took another of my favorite pictures during that time.

Pride Day Old Mill High School Love

Food and Fun

Pride Day at Old Mill High School was an incredible day, a day of inclusivity and love. The food, the fun, and the fellowship all came together to create something that will remain in the history of the school forever. It was the first, and hopefully not the last… Great job Old Mill. Because after all, Love is Love.

Pride old mill high school

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