Selfies vs Self Portraits: Which is better?

Selfies vs Self Portraits: Which is better?

Selfies vs Self Portraits  As long as there have been artists and photographers, there have been self-portraits… as far back as ancient Egypt. Prior to cameras and the digital age, they were created with paint, pencil, charcoal, and other art mediums. So, the selfie isn’t new. It’s just an extreme version of the self-portrait – and recently pretty dangerous. It’s sad to hear how many deaths have resulted from selfies.


A self-portrait is the artist’s representation of who they are. In my opinion, they are more expressive. A self-portrait doesn’t have to be just a headshot. Although, early painted versions were, because it more than likely involved the artist sitting in front of a mirror. At least, that’s how I did my first one. However, when it comes to photographs – a self-portrait can be a full body shot. In addition, it usually involves the use of a tripod (or sitting the camera on a stable surface. Because, you’re not holding the camera, you have more control of the composition of the image. You’re not so limited.


Selfies usually involve a person holding a phone (or small camera) and taking a picture of themselves. In a lot of cases, they are taken pretty quickly. With that being said, there is still a great deal of composition involved – mostly to get a landmark or something of interest in the shot. I’ve also heard stories of taking someone multiple shots, to get the correct facial expression. Let me digress a bit and say I take selfies, but I will never understand the bathroom selfie! Let me get back on track… Selfies have some limitations. Even though there is some thought put into composing the shot, the most you can get in the image is a portion of your torso and one arm.

Selfies Win

Selfies vs Self Portraits – well in this day and age, the selfie wins. It has become the go-to term for any picture taken of a person at close range – even an actual self-portrait. No matter what, people call them selfies. I take selfies, but (as you see) I also like to take the time to make self-portraits.

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