Vanguard Veo 235AB travel tripod – my review

Vanguard Veo 235AB travel tripod – my review

The Vanguard Veo 235AB travel tripod is a great tripod – so great that I have two of them.

Two Tripods

I really like the Vanguard Veo 235AB travel tripod, but I didn’t purposely buy two of them. After doing my research and buying the tripod, I bought a 100-400mm lens that was bundled with other accessories. Honestly, they usually include a bunch of useless stuff (except for microfiber lens cloths). Much to my surprise, this one included the tripod I had just bought a few weeks ago.


When the Vanguard Veo 235AB arrived, I remember that the box wasn’t very big. That was a plus – since a travel tripod shouldn’t be large. It came with the TBH-50 ball head attached. You can replace it, but it’s just the right size. I was impressed with the nice carrying case, even though I knew I wouldn’t use it. The next impressive feature was the center pole that folds down into the legs, which makes it more compact. My first impression was good.

Vanguard Veo 235AB Tripod


Tripods can be pricey, and I wasn’t looking to break the bank buying a tripod. So,  I set a budget of $150 or less. Fortunately, the Vanguard Veo 235AB travel tripod was priced around $100, well under the top end of the budget.


The weight of the Vanguard Veo 235AB tripod had to be light enough to carry on a backpack while hiking. While a carbon fiber model would have been lighter, the Veo wasn’t very heavy – weighing 3.7 pounds. A carbon fiber tripod may have possibly exceeded my budget. When I travel, I usually pack it in my checked luggage. And, to date I still haven’t exceeded the 50 pound limit of the airlines.


The Vanguard Veo 235AB fits perfectly in the tripod pocket of my backpack. But, when I’m hiking I mostly carry it in my hand. One of the legs has a rubber grip that makes it easy to hold while walking. Surprisingly, even weighing close to four pounds, it’s pretty comfortable to carry. And, when I need to reattach it to the backpack – it’s pretty simple to do. 

Vanguard Veo 235AB


My travel tripod had to be able to support the weight of my camera and lenses. Another score for the Vanguard Veo 235AB was that it supports a max weight of 13.2 pounds. The legs have five sections, which would usually lend to some instability. But, it’s very sturdy. The rubber feet also have a spike that helps keep in place. And, with the quick flip leg locks – you can extend the legs quickly. For the occasions when you need to shoot very low, the center pole can be replaced with an included adapter. I have to admit that I’ve never used the adapter.

Vanguard veo 235AB Aluminum Tripod

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re traveling by airplane, car, or bicycle, the Vanguard Veo 235AB travel tripod is great when you’re on-the-go. Since I have two, one stays in the trunk of my car. But, it’s also a great everyday tripod. I used either of mine all the time. If your requirements for a travel tripod are similar to mine, I highly recommend the Veo 235AB.

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