Author: David Cox

Selfie vs Self Portrait
Inside Photography

Selfies vs Self Portraits: Which is better?

Selfies vs Self Portraits  As long as there have been artists and photographers, there have been self-portraits… as far back as ancient Egypt. Prior to cameras and the digital age, they were created with paint, pencil, charcoal, and other art mediums. So, the selfie isn’t new. It’s just an extreme […]

grampians national park lake bellfield
Behind The Shot

Grampians National Park: Behind The Shot

Grampians National Park is a located in Victoria, Australia. My son and I recently visited. During our time there, we hiked to Mackenzie Falls and Silver Band Falls (which was dry). Additionally, my son had another trail he wanted to hike. We were rode around trying to find it. Due […]

Jigsaw Halloween Decoration

Halloween – Game of Thrones Killer Klowns

My friend Sylvia loves halloween. It’s her favorite holiday. If you drive by her house a couple weeks before October 31, you will definitely see that it is. Her house is always elaborately decorated, with a new theme every year. These are not just spur of the moment decorations; her […]